Paint A House

From CHF 1.50

New original song by New Songbook, sung by US singer Devin Belle.

You don't have to be an artist
But it matters where your heart is
You can always start all over
And try again

Paint whatever you can think of
Add some funny and some weird stuff
It will turn out fine if you try
The best you can

Paint a house, paint a tree
Paint a blue sky and let's see
This could be a peaceful place
For you and me

Far away from busy crowds
I'm not worried by dark clouds
Just as long as you won't forget
To paint a roof

Paint a fountain, paint a yard
There you go, it's not that hard
No need to worry, no need to hurry
As time will proof

Paint a house, paint a tree…

Make sure the gate is never locked
And the pantry always stocked
For there are times when we’re just
Too tired to roam

Add a pond, a croaking toad
Don't forget that winding road.
It will bring me back when I feel
Like coming home

Paint a house, paint a tree…

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