We Love Toothpaste

From CHF 1.50

A not all too serious song about how much we all love toothpaste. An original song by New Songbook, sung by US singer Andrew Samples.

Had some garlic and some onion?
Please consider my opinion
Use some toothpaste

In the middle of morning rush
Put a good deal on your brush
Of that toothpaste

It's here for more than hundred years
Make sure you get your daily smears
Of that toothpaste

Tell me, what's your favorite flavor
What's the one you really savor?
Of that toothpaste

Oh so healthy, oh so tasty, full of cleanliness and color
If you need another helping from my tube give me a holler
Get that last bit for dessert and pass the word!
We love toothpaste!

Need to fight a nasty pimple?
My advice is pretty simple
Use some toothpaste!

Your rusty bike could use some lube?
Go to the bathroom, grab that tube
Use some toothpaste

Oh so healthy, oh so tasty...

You like that taste of chicle gum
without the work of chewing some?
Use some toothpaste!

Want a new exciting hairstyle
Rest assured it will be worthwhile
With some toothpaste

Oh so healthy, oh so tasty...

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