On The First Floor

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Make your way from 1st to 10th floor, sorry, there is no elevator.

On The First Floor Lyrics

On the first floor,
there is a green door.
You got to look around
and find the key
to be with me.

On the second floor,
there is a brown door.
You got to knock three times
and say hello
before you go.

On the third floor,
there is a blue door.
You got to read the sign,
then ring the bell
and all is well.

On the fourth floor,
there is a pink door.
Make sure you wipe your shoes,
be quiet please
and feel at ease.
On the fifth floor,
there is a black door.
You hear the barking dogs
and run with fear:
Get out of here!

Looking for an elevator,
take me to the escalator.
There must be a better way,
if you want to make me stay.
Sorry, there's no elevator,
you won't find an escalator.
Only way going up,
step by step
you make it to the top.

On the sixth floor,
there is a purple door.
Look at this golden knob,
it's shining bright,
oh, what a sight!

On the seventh floor,
there is a yellow door.
People are having fun,
this noisy crowd
iIs much too loud.

On the eighth floor,
there is a white door.
You try open it,
a creaky sound,
you turn around!

On the ninth floor,
there is red door.
You walk on pointed toes,
peek through the hole
just like a mole.

On the tenth floor,
there is one last door.
You finally made it home,
oh what a treat
to have a seat!

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