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If you are using our instrumental tracks to create great new versions of our songs, we would love to hear them. Maybe you have a video of you singing one of our songs; please share it with us.

If you are a songwriter and have fun songs that would fit our collection, please contact us. We are always looking out for new material to produce. Of course, you will always keep your authors' rights.

Teachers, Headmasters in Switzerland or southern Germany
Are you a teacher or a headmaster at a school in Switzerland or southern Germany and interested in having musicians from English speaking countries for a workshop at your school? We are in touch with excellent performers who would love to share their passion for music and stories with you and your students.
More information on music workshops (in German)

Our music workshops are a great learning experience on many levels. It's about music, language and culture. But most of all, it's great fun for everyone! Please get in touch with us and we will tell you more about tour schedules of our artists.

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