Street Name Song

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Have you ever wondered: Who could think of all those street names?

Street Name Song Lyrics

Everywhere you go, all the streets have names.
Some are called avenues and some of them are lanes

Who could think of all those names?
Thousands of them, not two the same.
Far too many for me to recall,
how come Google knows them all?

When you think you've walked them all,
and when you complain this town's too small:
There you go 'round the bend
and you see it's not the end.

Other cities, birds or a king -
seems to me they take just anything
to find a name for every street,
to make a map complete.

When you're a stranger in a town,
it's hard to find your way around.
Just mention the name of the street you want to go.
I'm sure you're lucky and someone there will know

Will there be one named for you?
Will there ever be one for me too?
I don't know, all I can say:
Let's all have our own way!