Hey Buddy Hey!

Ab CHF 1.50

A rocky tune about getting up, being late and trying to like school....

Hey Buddy, Hey! Lyrics

I wake up at half past 6
Using all the proven tricks
To get out of bed
Then I hurry to the table
Grab a plate if I am able
And some bread  
A sip of water and some toothpaste
Just chase away the bad taste
But then, wait!

Standing restless on the spot
Is there something I forgot?
Scratching my head
Search my bedroom, search the hall
Then I hear my mama call
Under your bed!  
Down on my knees to grab my stuff
Oh, what a drag, I've had enough!
I know I'm late  

Hey, buddy, wait!
You know, I'm late  

Still, I'm running to the bus stop
Down the road and past the shop
Just a short ride and we're there
My friends are waiting at the stairs
Like every day
Like every day   

This might not be what we like best
It's not the most intriguing quest
But here's the deal:
This is not just about your studies
It's the place you meet your buddies
And they're for real
Then I see your smiling face  
And start to think: I love this place!
Have a great day!  

Chorus 2:
Hey buddy, hey!
Have a great day!