Antipodean Friends UK version

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UK version of this song, performed by British singer Carrie Garrett

Antipodean Friends Lyrics

Everybody knows this world spins round
Feet on the ground on this crazy ride
24-7 around and 'round
Anybody there on the other side?

Antipodeans say morning, sir
While we say Good night, lady
They take a walk in broad daylight
While here, it's pretty shady

You'll never find an antipode
Just around the corner
He is as far as one can be
He really is a foreigner

Yes, they live so far away,
They’ll never be your neighbours
Looking for a straight way there
Means years and years of labour

Antipodeans say...

In ancient days an antipode
Was seen as someone weird
With feet above their heads,
A monster to be feared

Until one day, some set the sails
For this journey off the maps
What they could find after many weeks
Were pretty normal chaps

Antipodeans say...

If this old world was made of glass
We could see their feet
But don't get fooled, it's not like that
They're difficult to meet

I heard that they get out of bed
While we come home from school
And maybe they feel cold at night
While we lie at the pool

Although we never can be neighbours, we can make amends
And say hello from far away, Antipodean Friends!